STEAK AND POTATOES Served Weekly in The ClubHouse!
Welcome to The ClubHouse, a place where kids who are in various stages of toothlessness are fed large servings of steak and potatoes every Sunday morning. No worries, we aren’t messing with their Sunday lunch. We’re feeding them the meat of the Word of God, and they’re eating it up! (And asking for more!)
On Sunday mornings the kids demand that we worship. (We’ve pretended that we’re going to skip it and that only creates an uproar.) They learn about tithing. (Parents, you can help them develop a habit of giving by sending weekly tithes and offering with them.) And we pray! You should hear The ClubHouse Kids Pray!! They really know how to pour their hearts out to God!
Every week the Bible teachings come alive as The ClubHouse Kids live out the exciting stories in God’s Word. Then come next Sunday, in Sunday School, it’s bonus time! Your kids teach back at Mr. Jon the lesson that they learned in The ClubHouse. Between the lessons they learned and the deep questions they ask, you’d think we were in an adult Sunday School Class.
But what’s the easiest way to know what’s happening in The ClubHouse? Just check out our ClubHouse YouTube Channel
Here, every week, you can see a 5 to 7 minute wrap-up of what was taught that week! Parents can know exactly what their kids are learning. Families can watch the videos together, to discuss and reinforce the lessons. So check out the videos and see The ClubHouse in action. Share the action with your Friends. And be encouraged as our kids get great grounding in the Word of God!
For the Kids!
Mr. Jon, Miss Tammy & The ClubHouse Kids!